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    • Baltic Amber is known as a natural "anti-inflammatory" and is worn by infants & children for teething, calming, pain, inflammation and sleeping. 

    • Amber necklaces and bracelets/anklets are knotted between each bead for safety and have a screw clasp for easy removal. Do not over tighten the clasp, just a small amount of pressure is needed.   
    • Please note the bead sizes, shapes and colours may vary slightly, as Baltic Amber beads are all natural - not man made!

    • Amber is tree resin and each Amber bead has natural crevasses that may be present and you may also find little insects that have made there way into the Amber naturally by tree resin forming and catching them within the process. 
    • Baltic Amber is scientifically measurable. 
    • We recommend to remove necklace prior to sleeping and place your Amber necklace around your child's ankle whilst asleep.
    • Your Amber necklace has a 3 months warranty. You will receive a warranty and full instructions with your purchase. 

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