Easy read time teacher alarm clock

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Easy Read Time Teacher Clock

  • Easy Read Time Teacher electronic alarm clock with night light 
  • 12cm in diameter 
  • Ideal for children ages 5 and over 
  • Designed to help children read the time
  • Comes with a simple 3-step teaching method
  • Crescendo alarm that starts of as a gentle beep and progressively gets louder until switched off
  • Snooze button disables the alarm for five minutes before it starts again
  • Built in light sensor controls the brightness of the clock face that glows gently in the dark, pressing the snooze button will make the clock face glow brighter, strong enough to see items on the bedside table  
  • Silent sweep movement so there is no annoying ticking sound
  • Ideal for a bedside clock
  • Battery operated - takes 3 AA batteries (not supplied)