Pea Pods - Trial Pack

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Perfect gift set to trial modern cloth nappies.

TRIAL PACK  Includes: 

• One Size Reusable Nappy 
• Night Booster 
• 100% Bamboo Liners 

All in a BONUS Wet Bag! 
Receive this as a FREE GIFT when you order 10 Pea Pods ONE Size Nappies.


  • Bamboo for absorbency - made from super absorbent bamboo, Pea Pods absorbers will provide up to 4 hours protection. Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial and holds well under compression (moisture won't squeeze out when baby sits down - unlike synthetic fibres).
  • Waterproof outer layer - made of from high quality PUL (polyurethane laminate) our fabric is custom made to provide a soft, waterproof barrier that is also breathable, so they are cool in summer.
  • Trim fit - adjustable fasteners, contoured back elastic and shaped leg casing have all been especially designed to create a snug, trim fit meaning not only do Pea Pods look stylish, they allow your baby to wear normal sized clothing over the top without being bulky and uncomfortable.
  • Easy to wash and dry - Pea Pods are easy to wash and don't require soaking. The materials are stain resistant and a normal machine wash will provide a thorough clean. Because the absorbent insert can be removed, they are also very quick to dry.
  • Night Boosters - simply add to the regular absorber for up to 12 hours protection overnight. Soft stay-dry lining - micro-fleece draws moisture away and keeps baby's delicate skin dry (available for separate purchase).